Tips on How to Make Your Website Better

The tips on web design are a dozen on the internet. Most people have their own opinions about what an ideal website is like. This is because architecture is subjective. The things that someone likes might seem hideous to someone else. Here are some tips for enhancing your website design.  

1. Site speed must always be your priority.   

This is perhaps the least discussed facts. Speed is critical when it comes to web design. Studies have shown that everything is affected, such as user satisfaction, conversions, sales, and bounce rates. Always test your website’s speed and adjust it accordingly.   

2. Take advantage of the fold.   

This is something that is still relevant, although it’s also a source of debate. Many say the page fold is no longer important because there’s a wide range of display sizes that are available these days. Others may have different opinions.  

3. Keep things simple.  

This applies to your website’s overall design. Know more about our audience. For example, your niche is travel. You have to go by the fact that travelers don’t like visual sophistication. The more complicated the style, the less beautiful it is.  

4. Avoid too many plug-ins.   

Website owners who love sliders, carousels, tabs, tunes, and sliders may want to take one step back. These may be among the most popular features of your website but they may be pretty useless to your audience.  

5. Scrolling is better than clicking.   

So how do you show it when you don’t compress the data into sliders? Place everything in a long list. One that can be tucked away works. This is what most visitors would like to see, instead of clicking around your site just to get to the information that they need.   

6. Focus on visual cues.   

How users navigate are among the major issues of good web design. Give different elements of your website different weights. Focus on the most important ones. Lead your visitors to where you want them to go.  

7. Using images with people in it.  

It is usually a great idea to include other people in the photos on your website. Even so, avoid stock photos. You can use these images to direct attention. In real life and on the internet, people love connecting to others. This is why blog pages were built in the first place.  

8. Make lists.  

Lists remain to be the best way to disseminate information. It makes facts more accessible, structured, and orderly. However, it must be interesting too. You want to make sure that you engage the readers of your content accordingly.   

There are many other tips that you can follow to improve your website’s design. There are also a lot of experts whom you can consult with so that you are sure that you’re getting the right effect on your visitors. You can always hire website design experts now just to hear about their views. The Irvine website design experts are always ready to help you out. Contact them today.