Difference Between Essential Oils and Terpenes

If you think about essential oils and terpenes for the first time, you may expect that they are almost the same thing. Though it is a fact that both of them offer aromatic properties and they come from natural plant sources, the reality is that both of them aren’t the same and they are not a single product. Even though they have their fair share of similarities, essential oils and terpenes are things that couldn’t be more different.


Basically, terpenes are the smell’s building blocks. Their strong taste and smell are what make them the organic hydrocarbons. Moreover, they are among the well-used hydrocarbons all around the globe. They are tasked to provide distinct and unique smell to the plants that you know and love. Usually, they are sourced from insects or natural plant sources.


Essential oil is the aromatic and strong liquids that are gathered by processing particular plants, frequently in which the oils are named after. Even if this may seem to be strangely similar to terpene’s definition, it’s vital to remember that essential oils should be refined by undergoing a distillation process like CO2 distillation or steal distillation for it to extract the oils.

Basically, essential oils are divided into 2 groups of chemical compositions—the oxygenated and hydrocarbons compounds.

Oxygenated compounds: Chemical mixtures, such as phenols, ketones, and oxides.

Hydrocarbons: Molecules with hydrogen and carbon.


You’re most likely more confused at this point. But we will be continuing this article to explain to your in detail about how they are different:

  • While essential oils are infused with terpenes, it is also packed with other hydrocarbons. Meanwhile, terpenes—particularly isolated terpenes—just only lack some of the terpenes.


Now that you know about what makes essential oils and terpenes different, perhaps you’re asking now what does that possibly imply for you?

Basically, if you’re planning to buy either one of them, it’s vital to know and comprehend their differences. If you’re searching for a high-end terpene only product, guarantee to search for products that only contain isolating terpenes. Do not be scammed for products that claim to contain isolated strains, when they actually have a mixture of the 2.


Ultimately, essential oils and terpenes aren’t the same thing and must never be considered as one. What a lot of people require are isolated terpenes, instead of essential oils. Though such oils can be perfect in providing great aromatherapy, isolated terpenes would be your best bet especially if your aim to benefit from it medically.

Now that you know what makes them different, perhaps you can distinguish which product you want to use—either pure terpenes or essential oils. If you’re searching for terpenes for sale or essential oils for sale online, make sure to give us a heads up by calling us or visiting our website for more details about the ordering process and the available payment options that are best suited for your convenience.